Hannah Todd- Owner

Hannah has a B.A. in Biology from the University of Maine at Farmington. After college she hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine before beginning a series of jobs working on farms, in greenhouses/garden centers and for the UMaine Cooperative Extension, where she coordinated the ever popular Master Gardener Volunteers Training Program in Piscataquis and Somerset Counties.  The desire to have her own business working with succulents came when the greenhouse growers (Michael and Gail Zuck) she was working for at Everlasting Farm decided to retire.  The Zucks had been in business over 25 years and had built a vast collection of succulents, which may have hit the compost pile, but instead became the foundation of Brick House Succulents.  2011 was the first year in business and Hannah has been enjoying the challenge of growing desert and tropical plants in Maine ever since.   


Michael - Right-Hand Man

Michael has a B.S. in Environmental Science and Ecology from the University of Maine.  He has been in the Masonry trade for 10 years and has perfected the art of making hypertufa for Brick House Succulents.  He is the central cog in the wheel that keeps the mechanics of the greenhouse operations in motion.  At 2 am on a Wednesday morning when the power goes out in a mid January snowstorm it’s Mike who trudges out to start the generator to keep the greenhouse furnaces running.  But perhaps more importantly he provides Hannah with the strong emotional support she needs to run a business and a strong logical and practical sense to keep her from “dreaming too big”.

Cindy - Greenhouse Manager

Cindy has a lifetime of experience working with plants.  She is a Master Gardener and has created some beautiful landscapes for family members and her own home.  As a retired librarian, she continues to research the true identities of these unique plants and was a little appalled that Hannah was satisfied to call them by their made-up names, such as “Bobby’s pokey”, “Natalie’s”, and “String of Banana’s”.  She works as the plant guru at Brick House Succulents and her real title should be: Arrangement Artist, as she is the creator of many of the dish gardens.