2019 Brick House Succulent Class Offerings

***Registration is required for all classes*** Please call (735-5005) or email (brickhousesucculents@gmail.com) and include your name, and phone number. All classes will be held at Brick House Succulents -555 Old County Rd. Etna Maine.

To celebrate the new opening of the “Brick House”, our sales house, anyone who attends a class in 2019 will be entered into a drawing to win a large (~12” x ~6”) hypertufa arrangement. We will pick a name “out of a hat” during our last class on November 2nd 2019. You do not have to be present to win.

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Everything Succulent!!!

If you are interested in growing succulents than this is the class for you. Hannah Todd, owner of Brick House Succulents will cover succulent care, from propagating, to fertilizing, to cutting back plants that have gone wild. This class covers indoor succulents, although we may briefly stray to perennials. Everyone in class will leave with a 2.5” potted succulent. Additionally, Hannah will open her greenhouse for a special early preview and give you first dibs on the new arrangements for 2019.

When: May 4th 11am to 12pm

Cost: $10

Hypertufa's in process.jpg.JPG

Hypertufa Making

Join Hannah Todd, owner of Brick House Succulents, with special guest, Michael Smith (Hannah’s husband) to learn how to make a hypertufa pot. You will come out of this class with at least one pot, but probably more like two or three… time permitting. There will be plenty of chances to get your hands dirty in this class so please bring gloves. If you simply want to sit back and “enjoy the show” then Mike and Hannah are happy to make a pot for you.

Because hypertufas take a couple of weeks to “cure” we encourage participants to come back for a second class about a month later where Hannah will talk about plant design and lead you through planting your new hypertufa. If you do not plan to attend the design class, you can pick up your hypertufa pot during our regular business hours a couple of weeks after the class.

Hypertufa Making:

When: June 15th 10am to 12pm

Cost: $35

Plant Design:

When: July 13th 10am to 11am

Cost: $35 ($30 for those who attended the Hypertufa Making Class)

Plant design.JPG

Plant Design

Want to create a beautifully arranged succulent planter? Then this is the class for you! Hannah Todd, owner of Brick House Succulents will talk about plant design and lead you through planting a hypertufa (a pot made out of cement). Plant color, texture, and growth habits will be discussed along with symmetry and balance. Hannah will also talk about planting in other types of containers. You will leave with a stunning piece of art and a lovely floral arrangement to decorate the inside or outside of your home. If you attended the hypertufa making class and use one of your hypertufa pots, then you will get a $5 discount off the class fee.

When: July 13th 10am to 11am

Cost: $35 ($30 for those who attended the Hypertufa Making Class)

Succulent Pumpkin.JPG

Succulent Pumpkins!!!

I don’t know about you, but I love fall and what could be better than combining pumpkins and succulents??? I may even have to bring chocolate to this class so that we may all enter Nirvana for a moment! If you haven’t guessed, this will be a class on how to plant succulents right on top of a pumpkin for a lovely and unique fall arrangement. These arrangements will last through the fall and make wonderful place settings for any holiday table. We will use small pumpkins in class but any size works well. This class would be great for children, 8 years old and up, as the process is quite simple but the outcome always stunning.

When: October 12th 10am to 11am

Cost: $15 for gourd size; $25 for a pie pumpkin


Holiday Succulent Wreath

Join Hannah Todd, owner of Brick House Succulents, for the last class of the season. Hannah will show you how to plant a 6’’ succulent wreath. She will talk about how to construct larger wreaths as well as how to care for the finish product. We’ll provide the succulents, pine cones, ribbon and other festive “bits”, just bring your creativity and come have some fun with succulents. These wreaths would be perfect to hang from a window for the entire holiday season.

When: November 2nd 10am to 11am

Cost: $15 per wreath